venue details

This year, we are holding camp at Artisan Acres Estate! Please see the photos below to familiarize yourself with the property.

This first photo features the Grand Little Barn during daytime. The barn will act as the “base” for each camp.

barn exterior.png

The photo below features the Grand Little Barn during a summer sunset.

Each camp will have a Friday evening gallery reception in the barn for friends and families of our young artists.

barn with sunset.png

The two photos below feature the interior of the Grand Little Barn and the breathtaking wooded trail that is visible through its back door. Even if students are working inside of the barn, they will feel submerged in and inspired by the surrounding nature.


The photo below features the master gardener and owner of Artisan Acres Estate, Krysty-An.

Students will have access to the flower garden at Artisan Acres during their session, and will incorporate pieces from the garden into their art work. Note that due to record rainfall, students in the earlier sessions may not have access to flowers from the garden. However, students in such sessions will be able to participate in a free weekend flower-arranging workshop in the fall (once the flowers are in full bloom), courtesy of the venue.

mom with flowers.png

In addition to the Grand Little Barn and the garden at Artisan Acres Estate, the property also features…

  • a 400-year-old oak tree in the midst of a heavily wooded area (including wooded trails),

  • several mulberry trees (depending on the fruiting period, these may be incorporated into students' projects!), and

  • an open pasture behind the garden.

Students will move throughout the property during the day as they explore possible intersections between nature and their personal art practices. Students will be supervised as they move throughout the property in order to ensure their safety.

For any camp-related questions regarding the property, please contact us via the Contact tab in the heading.

To contact the property management (separate from Art by Spartz), please go here. Thank you!