ART BY SPARTZ offers students of various age groups the opportunity to learn artistic techniques in an environment that is both nurturing and challenging.


Our camps are not held in a traditional studio setting. Rather, they incorporate nature. All programs take place at the beautiful Artisan Acres Estate, most notably home to the Grand Little Barn and a beautiful pesticide-free flower and berry farm. Students might paint in an open pasture one day and crush mulberries for painting the next. Our camps will thus introduce a new dimension to students’ artistic consciousness.

Contracted instructors are carefully selected for both their dispositions and artistic skillsets. Each instructor crafts a camp session that makes use of their unique talents—thus, each camp is as unique as its instructor. One instructor might choose to incorporate Art History into their daily lessons, whereas another might choose to integrate Movement. Additionally, our low student : teacher ratios ensure that students will receive the most excellent instruction.


The after-school program provides high-quality art instruction to non-homeschool students on weekday evenings, allowing students in public and private schools to supplement the instruction they receive in their school’s curriculum.

Students in the after-school program will study with Mrs. Mary Glynn, a graduate of the Herron School of Art and Design and beloved former art teacher of Stony Creek Elementary with over 25 years of art teaching experience!


The homeschool program offers homeschool academic and artistic enrichment courses on an a la carte basis to students of all ages and in a variety of disciplines—not strictly the visual arts. Our homeschool enrichment courses are taught (1) in an engaging context, (2) under a developmentally appropriate structure, and (3) with numerous opportunities to engage creatively with the material.

Students in most academic courses will study with Miss Sophie Spartz, founder of Art by Spartz and graduate of the University of Notre Dame. Students in visual art courses will study with Mrs. Mary Glynn.


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