Art by Spartz will offer a variety of homeschool enrichment courses beginning in the 2019-2020 academic year for both primary and secondary students.

At Art by Spartz, we believe that learning should occur (1) in an engaging context, (2) under a developmentally appropriate structure, and (3) with numerous opportunities to engage creatively with the material. In order for a student to truly grasp and make intuitive the material at hand, not only must he or she be engaged according to his or her developmental timetable, but he or she must also engage deliberately and creatively with said material—thus, each course will integrate adaptive artistic, creative, and/or kinesthetic activity. For example, a high school Calculus student might demonstrate his increased intuition for the subtlety of curvature through wood sculpture. Hands-on, deliberate activity enhances a student’s ability to retain, apply, and subsequently integrate the material of their study.

Note that Art by Spartz is not a school, but an entity that offers affordable, intimate homeschool enrichment courses on an a la carte basis. Courses will take place on the Artisan Acres Estate (specific on-site location is subject to change according to weather).

Students in most academic courses will be instructed by Miss Sophie Spartz, a graduate of the University of Notre Dame with Honors in Chinese and recipient of Notre Dame’s Distinction in Chinese award upon graduation. Certain courses may be taught by other contracted instructors—this will be outlined upon release of the upcoming semester’s courses.

If you are interested in potentially enrolling your child(ren) in a homeschool course with Art by Spartz, please fill out the form below. This form simply functions as an indicator to us of what courses might be more popular; thus, it is prudent to let us know in advance that you are potentially interested in enrolling your child in a certain course of study. Some courses may be adapted to the quarter, whereas others may extend beyond the semester, so let us know in what length of course you are most interested. No commitment on your behalf is implied upon submission of the form—we will simply notify you via email when the course list is available.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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